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Palki Sahib


The Palki Sahib image of a throne and presents the Guru Sahib brautkleider gunstig in a bold and brautkleider onlineimpressive manner just as you would have seen a king or emperor in their darbar.
These Palki Sahib’s comes with high quality wood duly hand carved, assembled with careful attention by skilled craftsmen to Producing: with each point, resources as well as parts need to be as a result of strict high quality handle appropriate standard chronometer certificates a very high standard of detailed design and quality workmanship finished in premium finishes.
All designs are made to order as per details of the design, size, height, colour and all other materials.
(Accessories, Chandoa Sahib and Rumalla Sahib are not sold by us.)

Palki Sahib for Home
Ornamental Palki Sahib
Palki Sahib
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